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from the December 2015 issue

from “Poems 2014”

Let’s say I download something in the black night
or let’s say I listen to Iron & Wine and get up
slept 10 hours
hazy and heavy from medicine.
Haven’t heard the music in many years, but felt like it
the green grass on the cover
makes me think of childhood
the mongoose hunting snakes in the wet grass
the house on poles
the palms surrounding our garden.
Was at Aina and Oscar’s last night
don’t remember how we ended up watching Rambo
but it was a disappointing experience.
There’s only one interesting scene
where Rambo takes a soldier hostage
Rambo covers his mouth in the tall grass
then he points to his one eye
look, he says
and the soldier’s sucked into the tunnel running through Rambo’s eye
into the forest
where friends lie in small pink vats
cutting holes in each others’ skins
so trout and salmon leap.


From Digte 2014 © Theis Ørntoft. By arrangement with the author. Translation © 2015 by Julia Cohen and Jens Bjering. All rights reserved.

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